One of the most personal aspects of an INTERPOL case concerns a Red Notice subject’s decision about attorney representation. On that topic, a reader sent in the following question:

“Can a termination of legal representation of a lawyer after the submission of the application form to the CCF (deletion request) and before the first review

A reader recently sent in the following comment and question:

I have a diffusion notice against me , which was issued by the Indian government. This was done purely to harass me , using the high influence of politics. The case I was wrongly implicated in, is now resolved. So is there a way that

There’s been lots of talk lately surrounding the idea that INTERPOL is issuing Red Notices almost automatically, with no actual review of the request taking place.  Some say that INTERPOL is ripe for abuse by certain member countries, while INTERPOL counters that it has procedures in place to avoid such abuses.

Support for INTERPOL’s position