Red Notice defense, like all criminal defense, requires an in-depth knowledge of the applicable law, the client, and the facts surrounding his or her case. In addition, Red Notice defense requires extensive research and study of the following:

  • Human rights watch organization studies
  • Scientific studies on the presence and effects of political persecution
  • Individual country status reports
  • Individual case studies
  • Conferences and interviews with organizations and individuals affected by Red Notice issues

Client Relationships

Getting to know the client, and often, the client’s family members, is a natural part of the defense process and one of the benefits of this practice. I tend to have ongoing, evolving conversations with clients as new information becomes available in their cases, which allows for a deeper level of commitment to the clients and concentration on their cases.

Representation During Investigation

Some clients come to the firm because of a pending investigation, in which case I act as a liaison between the client and the investigative agency to determine and limit the client’s possible exposure. Clients in this posture need to know the charges they may be facing, ways to mitigate their legal risk, and whether to provide information to the investigating agency.

Representation Pre-Arrest

Other clients know that an arrest is imminent and need help arranging to turn themselves in on their own terms, organize bond matters, and prepare to continue living their lives while I engage in their defense preparation. At this stage, the client’s fear of the unknown can be greatly diminished by establishing control over the timing and pace of the proceedings.

Representation After Charges are Filed

Still others, particularly those facing Red Notices, have already been arrested, or have even fled pending proceedings, and need specific guidance with making order out of the chaos they are experiencing. Representation at this stage ranges from communication with INTERPOL and prosecuting attorneys, to participation in discovery, all the way to trial.

Regardless of their circumstances, my firm is dedicated to the defense of individuals accused of crimes, both domestically and internationally. Clients of the firm have included people facing:

  • Charges leading to Interpol Red Notice issuance, as well as:
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Failure to pay sales and income taxes
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • RICO charges
  • Health care fraud
  • Counterfeiting
  • Dealing in stolen property
  • Embezzling

Our clients benefit from a personalized relationship that lasts the duration of their cases, and oftentimes, beyond. As a consequence, the firm has had the good fortune of receiving the ultimate compliment, which is former clients referring new clients.