A reader recently sent in the following comment and question:

I have a diffusion notice against me , which was issued by the Indian government. This was done purely to harass me , using the high influence of politics. The case I was wrongly implicated in, is now resolved. So is there a way that we apply to remove the name from the diffusion notice? This  is causing me terrible stress in the airport everytime I enter the airport.

The reader’s experience with difficulty and delay when travelling is a common one.  Even after the underlying grounds for a Red Notice or diffusion have been resolved, many countries fail to remove the original information from their systems.  This failure is a violation of INTERPOL’s rules and make the offending member country subject to sanctions by INTERPOL.

When a member country does not advise INTERPOL that an underlying warrant or conviction is no longer a valid grounds for a Red Notice or diffusion, the subject of the notice or diffusion is forced to either hire an attorney to assit him or to try to remove it himself.  Of course, it never hurts to first request that the member country execute the removal itself, as it is bound to do by its INTERPOL obligations. 

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