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INTERPOL and child kidnapping cases- what are INTERPOL’s abilities and limitations?

Posted in INTERPOL's Tools and Practices, Red Notice Challenges
A reader recently contacted Red Notice Law Journal to inquire about INTERPOL’s role in child kidnapping cases. This question ┬áis unfortunately more common than one might imagine, and is likely to become more so as we continue to evolve into a more and more transient world. INTERPOL’s involvement in child kidnapping, or abduction, cases, primarily… Continue Reading

INTERPOL and Child Custody Issues: Red Notices for Parents

Posted in Collateral Effects of Red Notices, Red Notice Challenges
A few weeks ago, a reader contacted me to discuss a Red Notice that had been wrongly issued against him for “kidnapping” his own child.  The charges were brought falsely in another country, which led to the Red Notice being issued.  Luckily, he had valid court orders showing that he was the custodial parent.  He… Continue Reading