A few weeks ago, a reader contacted me to discuss a Red Notice that had been wrongly issued against him for “kidnapping” his own child.  The charges were brought falsely in another country, which led to the Red Notice being issued.  Luckily, he had valid court orders showing that he was the custodial parent.  He had already begun the process of challenging the Red Notice, and was hoping to hear from INTERPOL in the near future.  However, his optimism was guarded because of the harrowing experience he has undergone in the last few years:  he lost his job, he lost his ability to travel, and he lost his feeling of freedom.  The one thing he has not lost is his child.

Today, I read the story of another father on the other side of a Red Notice issued for a custodial matter. His child’s mother has been indicted for removing the child from his lawful custody in the United States and fleeing with her to the United Arab Emirates.  The mother and her parents are the subjects of Red Notices, and the child is the subject of a Yellow Notice.  

I am struck by the fact that these two fathers, both innocent according to all available documentation, are living their lives while tethered to INTERPOL.  Of course, one is appealing to INTERPOL for relief, and the other for assistance.  Assuming that INTERPOL acts in accordance with its own regulations, both should be successful.

For their sakes, and for their children’s sakes, let’s hope they are.

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