The concerns held by Red Notice subjects who are working towards the removal of their Red Notices now also include the effect of the Coronavirus on the progress of their cases. While we cannot predict everything to come, here’s what we do know:

  • The work required to challenge a Red Notice is largely capable of being done remotely, so for most people, it can continue. Naturally, law firms will have to make some adjustments to deal with the new work environment, but many of us have had the capability of working remotely for years due to the nature of this practice and little change is necessary.
  • The CCF is still running and operational. While every country is addressing the health issue differently, up to this point, the CCF has been available for and responsive to inquiries.
  • For those Red Notice subjects who are also dealing with immigration matters in the United States, we know that:
    • matters such as interviews and in-person meetings with USCIS have been canceled through April 1st;
    • filing deadlines with USCIS and the courts do still apply, so attorneys are working on those as normal; and
    • immigration court for non-detained hearings are generally being postponed across the country.

As more information becomes available, we will share it. In the meantime, as always, comments and questions are welcomed.