As much as we may complain about some NCB’s (National Central Bureaus) behaving improperly with respect to their INTERPOL duties,  it’s always nice to hear that others handle their responsibilities properly.

A few months ago, I spoke with a subject of a Red Notice from Denmark who had agreed to be extradited in order to

How many bribes does it take to get a Red Notice removed?  While this sounds like the lead-in to a bad joke, for many people facing Red Notices, it is unfortunately a matter that bears consideration.

Let me be clear:  never once have I read, observed, or been advised by anyone about any bribery efforts

In order for INTERPOL to publish a Red Notice, one of its 188 member countries must first request the Red Notice based upon certain criteria.  This request is made by the member country’s National Central Bureau (NCB).  Today’s post addresses the question of what can be done when an NCB submits erroneous or false information