In the March 10th post for this blog, I addressed the widespread failure of INTERPOL member countries to make use of INTERPOL’s stolen passport database, and anticipated that Malaysia would seek to improve its efforts to detect lost and stolen passports among travellers.

This past Friday, the Canadian Press reported here that a Malaysian airline

A good number of Red Notice subjects who seek to remove their notices from INTERPOL’s files are legitimate businessmen and women who need to travel to maintain their livelihoods.  Many of them find themselves forced to challenge a Red Notice that was improperly issued based on political grounds or business disputes. The fact that they

A reader commented on February 12 as follows regarding an old post regarding Venezuela’s Red Notice history:

Your animus towards Venezuela (or towards the Chavez Govt.) is misplaced, given the malfeasance of other INTERPOL member states.  The judge you mention, Maria Lourdes Afiun, did not merely dismiss charges against a corrupt Venezuelan banker (which