Red Notices are viewed as being at least theoretically valid based upon the requirement that they be approved by the General Secretariat prior to acceptance and/or publication by INTERPOL.

Another animal entirely is the diffusion. A diffusion is a notice shared by any one of INTERPOL’S member countries with the other member countries. It is

Today’s post is the third in a series of posts addressing the CCF’s Annual Report for 2011 and focuses on the relationship between the CCF and the General Secretariat.  

The CCF is the arm of INTERPOL charged with the protection and monitoring of data processed by INTERPOL.  The General Secretariat has the authority to

In keeping with the last post’s discussion of INTERPOL member countries’ National Central Bureaus (NCB’s) issuing their own Red Notices, today’s post addresses the safety features offered by INTERPOL.  

INTERPOL maintains that it has safety measures in place such as its set of standards, which it supplies to its member NCB’s under the theory that such provision