A reader sent in this message:

“I have a red notice of Interpol but I didn’t commit any crime… I am trying to find any information possible or anybody who can help me… I already wrote to the CCF, but as you may know… it is pointless…”

Actually, I am happy to report that this reader is incorrect. The CCF routinely evaluates requests to remove Red Notices. More frequently than one might think, the CCF determines that removal is the proper decision. When an applicant provides proof that a Red Notice was issued invalidly, or that its purpose no longer exists, INTERPOL typically removes that notice.

Thus, the reader’s feeling that an application to the CCF for relief “is pointless” tells me that it is likely that the reader’s communication did not meet the CCF’s requirements for an admissible request. The CCF’s posts its admissibility requirements on INTERPOL’s website, here.

In fact, the CCF regularly responds to requests for information and for Red Notice removal. Its rules require that it advises applicants on the admissibility of such requests within 30 days of their receipt. Afterwards, the CCF typically makes decision on removal requests within 4 to 9 months from the date the request is received.

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