Paul Watson, founder of a marine wildlife conservation organization called the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has landed in the United States.  Readers of this blog will recall that Mr. Watson had been exiled at sea for most of the last year because of outstanding Red Notices against him by both Japan and Costa Rica.  The basis for the Red Notice from Japan is discussed here, and the basis for the Red Notice from Costa Rica, from Mr. Watson’s perspecitve, is found here. 

Now, Mr. Watson has stated that the Red Notice against him from Costa Rica has been dropped, but Costa Rica disputes this information, flatly stating that the notice remains in effect.

The last time I addressed the Red Notice request by the Costa Rican authorities, INTERPOL had issued a statement confirming that both Japan and Costa Rica had made requests for INTERPOL’s assistance in apprehending Mr. Watson.

Based on these previous statements, it is anticipated that INTERPOL will will issue a clarifying statement on this issue.

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