We last addressed the matter of Paul Watson, the leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (“SSCS”), and INTERPOL back in May, when Watson was arrested in Germany.  That arrest was made at the request of Costa Rica, for activity alleged to have occurred over ten years ago, and the arrest did not involve INTERPOL.  INTERPOL issued a press release at that time indicating that its denial of a Red Notice was based on a lack of compliance with its constitution and rules.  

Now, however, things have changed.  INTERPOL has confirmed that it has issued Red Notices in Mr. Watson’s name on behalf of both Costa Rica and Japan.

Prior to the second Red Notice being issued, Watson’s German attorney, Oliver Wallasch, issued a letter to SSCS. The letter has been publicized and explains the situation from the attorney’s perspective.

Obviously, Watson’s travel will either be curtailed until the Red Notices are addressed, or he will likely be detained if he attempts to exit or enter any INTERPOL member country while the Notices are outstanding.

Whether Watson decides to formally challenge the Notices remains to be seen.

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