We’re in the middle of a series of posts about issues that are addressed in the 2012 Annual Report of the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF).  The question for today is probably the most common of all for Red Notice subjects who decide to seek the removal of their Red Notices:  “How long will this take?”

In its recently issued report, the Commission announced its average time for processing a request, which is an appeal for some sort of relief from Red Notice subjects and their attorneys. The CCF lists its average response time for 2012 requests as being 6 months.  

While the 6 month average is likely accurate for the CCF’s general case load for 2012, my experience has been that cases take an average of nine months for a response.  This average is taken over a period of years, rather than just 2012, and includes cases that may have been particularly sensitive in nature, thereby taking longer to process.

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