A reader recently posed this question:

I would like to know if you can asnwer my questions. I know of a person, Ethiopian citizen, which has been red-noticed. The individual has committed crimes in the US and has been now hiding for the past 14 years in Ethiopia. I have met this man and he is very violent and dangerous.

How can I make sure that this man gets apprehended and the families of the victims get justice? Do you think he can get extradited to the US?

The issue of extradition to any INTERPOL member country will depend on the nature of the extradition treaty between the two countries (if one exists) and the possibly the nature of the diplomatic relations between the countries.  The list of countries having extradition treaties with the United States can be found here. (Regarding the reader’s specific question, Ethiopia does not have such a treaty with the United States, but the countries do maintain diplomatic relations.)

 In terms of “making sure” that a Red Notice subject is apprehended, that may be beyond the control of any particular person.  Naturally, it is more likely that a person will be apprehended if he or she has contact with law enforcement officials who are aware of their Red Notice status than if no such contact ever occurs.

Obviously, if there are problems with the validity of the Red Notice and the subject challenges the notice, it may be withdrawn, modified, or destroyed.  Assuming that the notice is valid in every respect, then it can be instrumental in aiding in a subject’s apprehension.

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