In dealing with INTERPOL-related matters, attorneys and Red Notice subjects often naturally seek assistance from their countries’ National Central Bureau (NCB) in an effort to resolve their cases.  To understand why those efforts may not yield the desired results, consider the purpose of the U.S. NCB.

On its “Who We Serve” page, the U.S. NCB addresses its role as an INTERPOL liaison agency, and explains the services it offers.  More importantly, it explains to whom its services are offered:

“The USNCB offers these services to the law enforcement community exclusively.”

If the requesting party is not a member of law enforcement, the U.S. NCB is not the place to go seek assistance.  Recall that all Red Notices have underlying charges or convictions, and if the original charge/conviction is within the United States, any errors regarding those charges must be directed to the originating court or law enforcement agency for correction.  

When do we go to INTERPOL for relief?  Have a look here for our previous discussion on that issue.

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