MSNBC reporter Greg Keller writes that twenty-five suspected members of Anonymous were arrested in connection with hacking into various law enforcement databases.  An investigation that began in mid-February led to the arrests.  

Now it is being reported that INTERPOL’s website also may have been the victim of an attack by Anonymous when its website crashed briefly on Tuesday after the arrests were announced.

Questions arise in my mind regarding the extent of the invasion, if any truly occurred, on the website by Anonymous. Specifically, I would like to know whether:

  1. Anonymous has previously breached INTERPOL’s website?
  2. Anonymous made changes to the substantive information about Red Notice subjects on the INTERPOL website?
  3. Is an attorney’s already difficult job of challenging Red Notices going to become even more so by the resulting confusion?

I pose these questions because of concerns expressed by clients that information regarding their cases has been modified after they were initially made public on the INTERPOL website.  Previously, these questions would be directed to the appropriate party within INTERPOL.  Now, however, I suppose that I am asking Anonymous.

So, Anonymous, what say you?  How far into INTERPOL’s business have you been, and have you made any changes to its website?

As always, thoughts and comments are welcomed.