In the last posts, I addressed the topic of banking and Red Notices.  But what of the effect of a Blue Notice, or Green for that matter?  For attorneys whose clients are the subjects of INTERPOL-issued Notices, it is the fact of any Notice’s existence that matters, not only Red Notices.  While Red Notices are issued for individuals who are wanted for crimes or who have already been convicted of crimes, other types of Notices are also issued by INTERPOL.  

For example, Blue Notices, as discussed here previously, may not relate to the subject being suspected of criminal activity, and could have to do with a search for witnesses or other information related to a suspected crime.  A Green Notice is issued for a person who has committed a crime in one country and is deemed likely to commit a crime in another country.

The exact nature of the Notice issued is not of great concern to the bank.  The bank is more concerned with the fact that the subject of the Notice is involved in, or may be involved in, suspicious activity, period.  Once a financial institution has reason to believe that its customer is the subject of a Notice issued by INTERPOL, it is likely to seek to eliminate any risk of further dealings with that customer.

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