Many Red Notice subjects simply want to move forward with their lives when their names are removed from INTERPOL’s databases.  That decision is understandable, given the vast amount of time, resources, and energy that are required to live through the events leading up to a Red Notice being issued and to actually challenge the Red

Red Notice subjects who are considering challenging their Red Notices have frequently exhausted all of their other options.  Their efforts to show investigating police officers that they are innocent have failed; they have been charged and improperly convicted despite mutliple law violations by government officials; and they have fled their countries due to a very

Discussions about INTERPOL’s Red Notices often include the fact that these notices are not actually arrest warrants.  When INTERPOL’s member countries issue Red Notices for worldwide circulation, the notices are meant to act as alerts for other member countries when wanted individudals interact with their law enforcement officials.  

Once alerted to that fact that