politically based Red Notice

The Libyan Transitional Council’s members include several lawyers, a former political prisoner, a human rights activist, and a veterans affairs representative, among others.  The LTC’s statement is brief, to the point, and inspiring.  The Council states:

Either we achieve freedom and race to catch up with humanity and world developments, or we are schackled

Still on the subject of the Venezuela/INTERPOL brouhaha over INTERPOL’s refusal to issue certain Venezuelan Red Notice requests, today’s post addresses one of INTERPOL’s suggested remedies for the ongoing dispute.  Recall that the Venezuelan government is none too happy about INTERPOL denying many of its Red Notice requests for wanted banking officials.

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Back in February, I discussed the fact that Venezuela’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, complained about what she painted as INTERPOL’s unfair treatment of Venezuela’s request for Red Notices against a certain group of people.  Specifically, she argued that Venezuela’s requests for Red Notices were being denied for people charged with crimes related to the