Ever since INTERPOL rolled out its I-link system in 2009, the organization has faced the issue of how to control those member countries that submit Red Notices in violation of INTERPOL’s rules and governing texts. Remember that I-link allows member countries to directly upload Red Notices for immediate circulation to all other member countries, without

INTERPOL’s latest Annual Report is out and can be found here.  It contains information regarding INTERPOL’s leadership, activities, new endeavors, priorities, infrastructure, and funding.

Of particular interest is the organization’s strategic priorities regarding its legal foundation.  It has been known for some time now that INTERPOL deeply values its status as an international organization

Since we have been on the issue of the ease with which Red Notices often seem to be obtained by INTERPOL member countries, today’s discussion centers on the burden of proof faced by Red Notice subjects and their lawyers.  

Once it is issued, a Red Notice is presumed to be accurate and proper, according to INTERPOL’s rules.  In