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INTERPOL’s Red Notice system- Turkey continues its attempts to use Red Notices as political tools against journalists

Posted in Member Country Activity, Politically Based Red Notices, Red Notice Challenges
A Turkish court has requested a Red Notice against reporter Can Dündar, the former chief editor of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet. Authorities charged him with espionage in 2016, alleging that he disclosed state secrets in the course of his reporting. As reported here, the Committee to Protect Journalists (“CPJ”) has criticized Turkey’s request as being politically motivated,… Continue Reading

Egypt’s Trial of NGO Workers: We are Still Watching

Posted in INTERPOL's Tools and Practices, Member Country Activity, Politically Based Red Notices
The last time Red Notice Law Journal addressed the issue of NGO workers charged with crimes in Egypt, it was here, with the focus being on the fact that NGO workers and journalists are critical in the work of evaluating human rights issues and country conditions around the world.  Egypt had charged employees of several… Continue Reading