This year, INTERPOL celebrates its hundredth year as an organization. To commemorate this, INTEPROL’s General Assembly will take place in Vienna, Austria, where the organization was founded. INTERPOL’s General Assembly is an annual event hosted for INTERPOL’s member countries to discuss and vote on varying global law enforcement issues. 

General Assembly Agenda

Following the conclusion of INTERPOL’s CCF’s third and final required session of 2023 in October, this year’s General Assembly takes place in November. The agenda each year includes:

  •  Discussion on the principles and measures needed for INTERPOL to reach its objectives.
  • Election of new members of the Executive Committee, the governing body which provides guidance and direction in between sessions of the Assembly. 
  • Discussion and approval of INTERPOL’s activities and financial plans for the coming year.
  • Observation of current major crime trends and security threats facing the world. 
  • Resolutions which are voted on by member countries. 

Attendance of INTERPOL’s General Assembly

As reported by Vienna International News, in total, police and government leaders from up to 195 member countries are expected to attend this occasion, and a total of 1,500 participants are expected. As this annual event is attended by high-ranking police experts and government leaders from all over the world, it brings Vienna a unique security challenge. Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BK) director Andreas Holzer states: 

“My colleagues have been working for quite some time to make this General Assembly a safe event that does justice to the significance of this anniversary,” 

The detailed itinerary of this year’s General Assembly will only be available after it concludes. Once it becomes available, it will reveal some of INTERPOL’s priorities as well as its plans for the coming year. 

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