Clients who are the subjects of Red Notices frequently and understandably feel a sense of outrage over the fact that a Red Notice has been issued against them when they are in fact innocent of the charges in the underlying arrest warrant.

When clients ask if INTERPOL will withdraw a Red Notice based on innocence, the unfortunate answer is, no. In fact, INTERPOL:

  • clearly states that people who are subjects of Red Notices are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • is not a trier of fact, like a judge or jury
  • It acts as a communicator of information between law enforcement agencies, and aids in bringing the subjects of Red Notices before the proper authority for trial or sentencing.

INTERPOL’s job is not to decide if person is guilty – it’s to help locate the person and return her for trial or sentencing IF the process leading up to the Red Notice was fair and legal according to INTERPOL’s rules.