Any time a lawyer is successful in his or her efforts to zealously represent a client, I feel an appreciation for the satisfaction that the lawyer must be experiencing.  Recently, though, I learned of an attorney’s success and I felt a sense of personal happiness for the attorney’s victory, though I had no involvement with the case at all.

Rutsel Silvestre Martha is an attorney in London who is the former General Counsel and Director of Legal Affairs of INTERPOL.  He has written extensively on INTERPOL matters, and as such, has been one of my teachers.  Dr. Martha recently prevailed on two very difficult, protracted Red Notice cases before INTERPOL’s CCF.  Certainly, any INTERPOL case is an uphill battle, and any win is worthy of recognition.  The cases of Rafat Ali Rizvi and Hexham al-Warraq, however, were particularly challenging.  The results of the cases were published on INTERPOL’s website, and such publication is generally limited to cases that have been the subjects of extraordinary publicity or concern to INTERPOL or its member countries.

Congratulations to Dr. Martha and his co-counsel, Mr. George Burn, on their successful work on behalf of their clients.

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