INTERPOL states as its vision that it is “connecting police for a safer world.” So naturally, when I read that Argentina had requested a Red Notice for Justin Bieber, I initially had trouble envisioning how the world might be safer if Mr. Bieber were in custody in Argentina.

But then I thought, is it possible? Could the world benefit from INTERPOL’s participation in Argentina’s case against Mr. Bieber?

Argentina wants him to return to face charges for instructing his bodyguard to forcibly take a photographer’s camera and cell phone outside of a nightclub.  If the allegation proves to be true, then Mr. Bieber would have participated in a felony charge of robbery by force, which is a proper basis for a Red Notice.

And of course, he has pled guilty to  careless driving and resisting arrest  in Miami, accepted responsibility for egging a neighbor’s house in L.A..  He has also been accused of various other bad acts from assault to mile-high smoking of weed.

But still.  Justin Bieber wanted by INTERPOL? I took an informal survey within my local legal community, and here are some of the opinions on the matter that resulted:

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s hilarious.”

“Good.  I hope he goes back to Canada.  He’s annoying everyone here.”

“I can’t stand him.  I don’t like his hair.”

[Eye roll; no words.]

“INTERPOL?  Why would they care about the Biebs?”

“Maybe it will teach him a lesson.”

“What- he left his monkey unattended somewhere? Please.”

Clearly, the people in my immediate surroundings are not big Beliebers, but neither do they take his criminal capacity very seriously.  And while INTERPOL does not govern its actions based on public opinion, one cannot help but think that, if INTERPOL did become involved in this case, people will naturally make comparisons between Justin Beiber’s case and the cases of other individuals wanted by INTERPOL.  These suspects are often charged with the most serious charges imaginable: murder, kidnapping, armed drug trafficking, war crimes, and the like- not a guy who allegedly took a cell phone and a camera.

If INTERPOL accepts Argentina’s request to include him on its list of wanted individuals, I’m not sure the public at large will feel safer.  I am sure, though, that I’ll watch the  SNL skit that pokes fun at both INTERPOL and Justin Bieber.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcomed.