The Palestinian Authority (“PA”) is seeking admission as a full member to INTERPOL.

In November of 2012, the PA was granted non-member observer state status with the United Nations.  This acceptance allows for, among other privileges and obligations, the possibility that the PA might be admitted to other intergovernmental organizations, such as INTERPOL.

Should the PA be admitted to INTERPOL as a member, it would have the authority to issue Red Notices as well as all of the other notices that are available to INTERPOL member countries.  It would also be required to maintain its financial obligation to INTERPOL, to undergo the requisite training for its assigned law enforcement agencies, and to bring its practices into compliance with INTERPOL’s governing rules and texts.

And while aiding in the apprehension of criminals may be the obvious goal of member countries who join INTERPOL, the overriding benefit for the PA would be that of recognition and validation from the international community.  This effort, with respect to INTERPOL, was articulated back in 2010 as the PA anticipated discussions regarding its potential INTERPOL membership at the 2011 General Assembly meeting of INTERPOL.

When the General Assembly meets later this year and considers the PA’s application, it will adhere to its “one country, one vote” policy.  If the votes at the UN last year are any indication, the PA may very well be INTERPOL’s next member.

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