When most people think of someone who is listed on INTERPOL’s wanted pages, they likely imagine someone exactly like Redoine Faid, the French gangster who blasted his way through multiple prison doors in order to escape from prison, as reported here.  Faid has been convicted of serious, violent crimes, and few people would be surprised about his being listed as a wanted man by an international crime-fighting organization.

What does surprise many people, however, is that the Red Notice does not guarantee an arrest.  Assuming that Mr. Faid is found by any INTERPOL member country’s authorities, several factors will determine whether he is returned to France.  Those factors include:

  • Whether the official who encounters Faid checks INTERPOL’s databases and finds the Red Notice in Faid’s name;
  • Whether the member country chooses to detain Faid while investigating extradition possibilities; and
  • Whether Faid is found in a member country that has an extradition treaty with France, or is willing to return him to France via deportation or diplomatic means.

Granted, the case of Redoine Faid appears to be one of the more egregious cases in INTERPOL’s wanted lists, and it is unlikely that a member country would refuse to return him, all other matters being equal. 

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