A great example of INTERPOL’s adherence to its own rules is that of its refusal to assist in the extradition of persons accused of violating dowery law.  INTERPOL’s rules require that a Red Notice be issued with an eye towards extradition.  Extradition requires that a crime be recognized by both the country requesting extradition, and the country examining whether an extradition request will be granted.  If one of the countries does not recognize the matter in question as a crime, extradition will not occur.

This does not mean that dowry issues have not led to Red Notices in the past.  For instance, in 2005, a woman requested and received a Red Notice when her husband allegedly demanded dowry from her after their honeymoon.  The woman, of India, received assistance from the police in obtaining a Red Notice against her husband as well as his parents, who were of Austrailian nationality.

For now, however, INTERPOL has recognized that dual criminality does not exist and has taken the position that dowry violations are improper subjects for Red Notice requests.

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