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INTERPOL’s Refugee Policy

Posted in INTERPOL's Tools and Practices
Today’s post is by attorney Yuriy Nemets, who has given considerable thought to the issue of INTERPOL’s refugee policy, how it is being implemented, and how it might be further developed. _______________________________________________________________________ INTERPOL’s New Policy on Refugees: Is Everything Settled? Yuriy L. Nemets, Esq. Managing Member at Law Office of Yuriy L. Nemets PLLC LL.B.,… Continue Reading

Travel as a wanted person without INTERPOL’s involvement- the Snowden dilemma

Posted in Member Country Activity
The case of Edward Snowden has not been discussed in this blog until now because INTERPOL is reportedly not involved in Mr. Snowden’s case, and no Red Notice exists in his name.  The case does, however, provide an interesting opportunity to address how the relationships between multiple countries can affect a wanted person’s ability to… Continue Reading