• Date of decision
    • Oct. 9, 2020
    • Country
      • Belarus
      • Misappropriation of finances
      Argument asserted:
      • The proceedings do not respect the principles of due process.
      • There is a lack of clear description of criminal activities.
      • The case is of a predominantly political character
    • Basis for CCF’s decision to remove Red Notice:
      • The data relating to the Applicant’s relative, an alleged accomplice in this case, were deleted from INTERPOL’s information system. This raises concerns about the compliance with the Commission’s rules. Therefore, the Applicant’s data should be removed from INTERPOL’s database because the data challenged does not satisfy the requirements of Article 3 of INTERPOL’s Constitution.
      • Maintaining the data challenged would not be compliant with the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and would have a significant impact on the neutrality of the Organization.