On August 9, I wrote about two fathers on different sides of INTERPOL Red Notices.  One of the fathers was looking for his daughter, who allegedly had been taken illegally from the United States to the United Arab Emirates by her mother and maternal grandparents. The good news for that father is that his little girl was found, as reported here.

The other news is that the UAE does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, so the child’s mother and maternal grandparents will not be brought back to the United States pursuant to an extradition treaty.  It remains to be seen whether diplomatic efforts will result in their return to the United States.  

Of course, the father is also awaiting news of the path that the child’s return may or may not take from here.  

This incident highlights both the strengths and the limits of an INTERPOL Red Notice.  The Notice was very effective in allowing law enforcement officials to track and very quickly immobilize the fugitives. However, once they were found and detained, and released on bond, the law of the UAE becomes predominant for extradition purposes.

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